We are back this year with the third edition of LauzHack - EPFL's official student run hackathon - in Lausanne, Switzerland. Come and join us and 250 like-minded student-hackers hacking together for 24 hours to make something amazing!

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  • Participants: Students (over 18 years in age) and people who have graduated from university withing the last one year. All participants must have agreed to the our Code of Conduct and Data Sharing Agreement.


Hacks must be awesome, creative, and built on site at the event. All hacks must adhere to the MLH Code of Conduct to be eligible for presentation.

Your submission must include all team members and a link to the repository. Video submissions showing a demo of your project are optional. You are not allowed to use slides for your presentation.

Please include the hash of your last commit.


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Martin Vetterli
President, EPFL

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Paolo Prandoni

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Alain Wegmann

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Marta Camara-Martinez

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Ludmila Marian

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Philippe Guglielmetti

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Nicolat Seriot

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Jean-Michel Chardon

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Edouard Treccani

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Impressiveness
    How impressive is your hack from a technical perspective? What were the challenges you had to surmount, and were they difficult given just 24 hours? “Wow” factor is also a criteria.
  • Novelty
    How innovative, original and unexpected is your hack? Does it do something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?
  • Demo/Working Prototype.
    Is your hack usable and polished? Does everything work? Is it well designed? How convincing was your demo?